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Reach your savings goals a whole lot faster

It just got easier than ever to reach—and exceed—your savings goals, whether you’ve got your eye on starting a business or a down payment—with higher Annual Percentage Yield (APY), savings boosts, and accelerators.

Open your savings account

Tip yourself

Round up your purchases to the nearest dollar and have the difference automatically transferred into your savings.

Speed to savings

Meet your goals even faster with accelerators that allow you to automatically multiply your round-ups (2x, 5x)


Annual Percentage Yield¹ for business savings


Annual Percentage Yield² for personal savings

Discover how quickly you can meet your goals

Set your goals

Start by defining your savings goals. Whether it's a vacation, a new car, or a home, we're here to support you in reaching those milestones.

Create a plan

Craft a personalized savings plan with our intuitive tools. Break down your goals into achievable steps and track your progress along the way.


Direct deposits mean quicker access to your hard-earned money, allowing you to cover expenses and manage finances more effectively.

Earn more

With our competitive interest rates, your savings will grow faster than ever. Watch your money multiply while you focus on what matters most

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