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Launch yourself with mobile banking built for you.

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We want you to win. Work in a way that's efficient and protected from liability, with the best tax treatment. Our team respects your venture and finds creative ways to help.


Nationwide LLC creation

Breeze through the process of incorporation in the Oxygen app – wherever you are in the US.
LLC formation is powered by CorpNet, Inc. Fees for LLC creation differ by state and services selected.

No monthly fees to
cramp your style

With no monthly fees to tie you down, you can enjoy our 24/7 banking services without the bills.

Virtual cards protect your business

Create one-time use cards with no fear of sharing your Oxygen Visa® Business Debit Card details.

You can control monthly spend, merchants authorized, and freeze or cancel virtual cards with a tap.

Immediate cashback gives you a boost‡

Earn instant cashback rewards at approved merchants using your Oxygen Visa® Business Debit Card.

No games, gimmicks or tricks – just real money.


Handy integration with SaaS accountancy tools means you can tie up all your financials in real time.

Reaching for the sky?

My world's changed beyond anything I could have imagined.

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