Refer a Friend Terms

Refer a Friend Terms & Conditions

In order for both the referred friend (the “Referee”) and the referring Oxygen customer “Customer” to each qualify for and receive the initial $5.00 referral reward, the following conditions must be met: 1) The Referee opens a new Oxygen Consumer or Business Deposit Account (“Account”) using the Customer’s unique referral link within 30 calendar days of receiving the link; 2) The Referee must be a new Oxygen customer with no current or prior Account; and 3) The Referee must successfully apply for and open an Account through the unique link on a mobile device ONLY. Failure to apply using both the unique referral link generated by the invitation and a mobile device will result in an unsuccessful referral.

The initial $5.00 reward is paid to each party within ten (10) business days after the Referee’s Account is opened.

In order for both the Referee and the Customer to each qualify for and receive the additional $50.00 referral reward, the Referee must meet the following conditions: 1) the Account receives $500.00 or more in deposits within sixty (60) calendar days of opening the Account; and 2) the Account has at least five (5) debit purchase transactions with the Oxygen Visa® Debit Card (including Virtual Card purchases) that have posted and settled to the account within sixty (60) calendar days of opening the Account.

The additional $50.00 reward is paid to each party within ten (10) business days after all qualifying activities for the bonus have been completed by the Referee.

If either party closes their Account for any reason prior to the referral reward payout, each party will forfeit all related rewards. Rewards are paid via deposit to the Customer and Referee’s Accounts. Each Customer may earn no more than $1,000.00 in referral rewards in a 6- month period. Referee acknowledges that payment of the reward may result in the Customer’s knowledge of Referee’s establishment of an Account and fulfillment of the qualifying conditions. Oxygen reserves the right to cancel or modify the referral reward offer terms or terminate the Customer’s eligibility at any time with or without prior notice. For example: Credits of $10 or more paid to Referee must be reported on tax form 1099-INT. Credits totaling $600 or more paid to Customer must be reported on tax form 1099-MISC.

Eligibility is based on individual Customers inviting only personal friends, family, and known acquaintances. Attempts to generate referral activity by posting a Customer’s unique link on third party social media, blog, or other similar websites can result in termination of Customer eligibility.


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