How do I set up Direct Deposit?

Pinwheel (automatic setup)

How do I set up my direct deposit?
In the Overview tab, tap “Add funds” and choose “Direct Deposit”. If you’re adding your payroll to Oxygen for the first time, tap the “find employer” button. You will be directed to use your employer or income providers login information to set up your direct deposit automatically. Choose “Full paycheck” or “Specific amount” depending on your preference, edit and tap “Confirm”. Once your employer/income provider processes the change, it may still take 1 to 2 payroll cycles to take effect.

How do I find my payroll provider?
To search for a payroll provider, use the search bar or choose from the list of popular providers.

What if I can’t find my payroll provider on the list?
If your payroll provider is unavailable or you’re having trouble logging in, choose the “Manual Form” button and enter your payroll provider’s name, choose between “Full Paycheck” or “Part” then tap “Proceed to Signature”. Turn your phone sideways, sign and tap “Confirm”. Choose “Share or Print” to send it to your payroll provider.

How do I edit my direct deposit information?
In the Overview tab, go to Add funds/Direct Deposit/Manage Employers to adjust your direct deposit settings.

How do I delete my direct deposit?
If you need to delete your payroll information, you can do so by going to the Overview tab/Add Funds/Direct Deposit. Tap the three dots in the right hand corner and choose “Delete".

Is Pinwheel available for my business account?
No, Pinwheel is only available for personal deposit accounts at this time.

Direct Deposit Form (manual setup)

To add funds via direct deposit form choose More\Direct deposit\Create a new form\Add employers name and choose either Full Paycheck or Part\Proceed to signature\Sign your name\Confirm. This form can be shared with your employer or income provider to have your paycheck deposited into your Oxygen account.

Employer Portal

To add funds via employer portal you’ll need your routing and account number. You can find your routing and account numbers in the Oxygen app by going to More\Account numbers. Input the routing and account numbers into your employers HR software. You should receive funds in your account after your employer processes the change.


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