What are my daily spending limits and associated fees?

Certain limits apply to various transactions:

Spending Limits

Incoming Transactions Limits
Direct Deposit / ACH Transfers from External Accounts No limits
Cash Reload via Greendot 3 times/day; $1,000/day and $10,000/calendar month
Transfers via Plaid $200/day; $500/calendar month
Wire Transfers No limits
Ingo Mobile Check Deposit $5,000/check/day; $150,000/calendar month
Money Transfer through CashApp / FB Desposits $5,000/transaction/day; $15,000/month
Outgoing Transactions Limits
ATM Cash Withdrawal 3 time/day; $500/day
Cashback Through POS $500/day
Debit Card Transactions
Bill Pay $5,000/payment/month
Overall Spending Limit $5,000/day
Virtual Card Spending $2,500.00
Outgoing Wire N/a - feature not available


Transactions Fees
Out-of-Network ATM Fee $3.00 (ATM providers may add a separate surcharge)
International Transaction Fee 1% of the transaction amount
International ATM Fee 1% of the transaction amount + $5.00 ATM withdrawal fee (1 free for every month). ATM providers may also charge a separate fee.
Ingo Mobile Check Deposit Money in Days - FREE

Money in Minutes
  • 1% of the check amount; min of $5.00 for payroll and government checks
  • 4% of the check amount; min of $5.00 for all other accepted checks

Card and Authorization Hold Timeframes

Card Timeframes

Category Timeframes
Replacement Card Standard 10-14 calendar days; Expedited 2-3 business days
Refund Check 10-14 business days after the account is closed
Funds transfers via Plaid Up to 5 business days
Direct Deposit Should be posted as soon as received
Bill Pay (mail a check) Up to 14 business days
Funds transfers from External Accounts 3-5 business days
Incoming Wire Transfer Money in Days: Within 10 calendar days
Money in Minutes: Approval is within 1 hour if approved, funds will post within 1-2 business days depending on the receiving bank

Authorization Hold Timeframes

Transaction Type Timeframe
Regular Transactions Up to 7 calendar days
Transactions less than $1.50 Up to 7 calendar days
Hotel Up to 30 calendar days
Car Rentals Up to 30 calendar days

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