How do I start earning Cashback rewards?

You can earn cashback with certain vendors by using your Oxygen Visa Debit Card at check-out. To start earning rewards, first you must activate your offer type (such as Gas or Meal Delivery). To activate an offer, go to the Cashback tab, select the offer type and choose activate this offer. Only one offer can be activated at a time and used every one to five days depending on the offer type

How much Cashback can I earn?

Depending on your element, you can earn anywhere from 2-6% Cashback, however every tier earns $1.00 on Food & Coffee purchases.

Tier Cashback Earnings
Earth 2%; $1.00 on Food & Coffee purchases
Water 4%; $1.00 on Food & Coffee purchases
Air 5%; $1.00 on Food & Coffee purchases
Fire 6%; $1.00 on Food & Coffee purchases
Business 5%; $1.00 on Food & Coffee purchases

To find out more details about a specific cashback offer, go to the Cashback tab and under All Offers, tap on an offer type. This will provide you with the minimum purchase amount, how much you’ve earned, how often you can use it, and how much cashback you can receive on a single transaction.

How do I collect my cashback rewards?

Once you’ve earned at least $10.00 in cashback rewards, you can cash it out instantly to your Oxygen deposit account. To cash out your cashback rewards, go to the Cashback tab and at the top under “you earned” tap on the amount. From there, you can choose an amount to cash out and send it directly to your Oxygen deposit account.


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