Virtual Card FAQs

What is a virtual card?

A “Virtual Card” is a disposable, impossible to lose debit card linked to your Oxygen account with a 3-digit security code and an expiration date. These Virtual Cards can be used online or by phone without presenting your physical Oxygen card number. Virtual cards can be a reusable or a one time use card. They will expire one year from the calendar month the virtual card was created. The number of virtual cards you can create depends on your Element.

Element # of Virtual Cards
Earth 3 Active
Water 15 Active
Air Unlimited
Fire Unlimited

If you downgrade to a lower element with fewer available Virtual Cards, you will still have access to the cards that were active when you downgraded. However, as those cards expire, you will not be able to create new ones as long as you remain above the limit of your new tier.

How do I create and use my virtual cards?

You can create a virtual and impossible-to-lose card the same way you would order a physical one! Simply go to More\My cards section in the app, swipe right and select Create new card. You can set a spend limit of up to $2,500 per transaction. You can also create a virtual merchant card that is associated with a specific merchant, spending limit and frequency. Set your amount and Save. The card will instantly appear in your app and is ready for use. To view your virtual card number, tap once on the virtual card to expose all card details.


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