Cashback Terms & Conditions

Cashback Rewards Program Terms & Conditions

The Oxygen Cashback Rewards program (“Program”) is provided by ReliefClub, Inc. (“Oxygen,” “us,” or “we”) and is subject to these terms and conditions which may be amended at any time. The Program allows each eligible participant the opportunity to earn cashback rewards (“Reward(s)”) to be credited to the participant’s Oxygen demand deposit account (“Oxygen Consumer Deposit Account” or “Oxygen Business Deposit Account” each referred to as the “Oxygen Deposit Account”) upon achieving a designated threshold of earned Rewards (“Threshold”). Rewards are earned based on use of the participant’s Oxygen Visa® Debit Card or Oxygen Business Debit Visa® Card (each referred to as the “Card”) to make qualifying purchases from designated merchants’ specially selected offers (“Offer(s)”).

We reserve the right to amend, cancel, change, discontinue, or suspend the Program, in whole or in part, including changing the value of the Threshold, at any time at our discretion with or without notice to participants. Rewards earned prior to any of the foregoing actions will be provided to eligible participants. The participant’s Oxygen Deposit Account must be open in order to receive Reward payments. If the Oxygen Deposit Account is closed by the participant or us, participant forfeits Reward payments that have not been earned and posted to the participant’s Oxygen Deposit Account.

In order to earn Rewards, the Program participant must click on an Offer displayed in the Cashback page of the Oxygen mobile banking application (the “Mobile App”) in order to load the terms of the Offer to the participant’s Card. Only one (1) active Offer may be loaded to the participant’s Card at a time. The value of each Offer and its terms will be disclosed in the details of the Offer prior to selecting and loading the offer to the participant’s Card. In all cases, (a) Rewards will not be earned for any portion of a purchase that is paid for with store credit, gift certificates, or payment types other than with use of the participant’s Card; and (b) the Reward transaction must be made directly with the offering merchant (“Merchant”) in order to earn the Reward, i.e., the Reward is not available if a transaction is made through use of an electronic wallet by which the identity of the Merchant is not passed to us as part of the transaction.

The value of earned Rewards will appear in the Cashback page of the participant’s Mobile App and will be held in the participant’s “Cashback Earned” account the participant achieves the Threshold. Upon reaching the Threshold, currently ten dollars ($10.00), the participant redeems the value of the Rewards by clicking the “Cash Out” button in the Mobile App and the redeemed Rewards will then be added to the participant’s Oxygen Deposit Account and the funds will be immediately available.

Participants should visit the Cashback page of the Mobile App to see available Offers and their terms such as the expiration date and other important conditions.

Program Offers have been selected by Oxygen. Oxygen is responsible for administering and paying earned Rewards once the participant has achieved the Threshold and is qualified to redeem them.

The Bancorp Bank does not endorse or sponsor, and is not affiliated in any way with this optional program.


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